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Sensors / Detectors: Automotive Circuits

12 Volt Automotive Inverter : This circuit will allow you to operate small devices like laptop computers inside your automobile without an expensive automobile power supply. The circuit takes advantage of the fact that power transformers are linear devices and can be used to step up as well as step down.

12 Volt to 9 Volt DC Converter: Car Converter for12 Volt to 9V

12v car lamp flasher:

20 Watt Power Amplifier: Designed to be used as car amplifier

3rd Brake Light Pulser:

5301 Wideband Fuel Mixture Display:

80188XL Engine Tachometer:

Adaptive Windscreen Wiper Control:

Alternator Signal Detector:

Analog Tachometer for Gasoline Engines:

Auto to Trailer Lights Interface:

Automatic Dual Output Display:

Automatic Headlight Brightness Switch:

Automatic Heat Detector:

Automatic Speed Controller for Fans & Coolers:

Automotive Alarm System:

Automotive AntiLock Brake Control Driver:

Automotive link uses single wire: 04/03/03  EDN-Design Ideas / In the automotive industry, in which the goal is to produce cars with simpler, lighter wiring looms, any interface that uses just one wire instead of two offers a distinct advantage. The circuit in Figure 1 implements a bidirectional link using a single wire, with the car's chassis or ground conductor providing a negative return path...

Automotive Multiplex Wiring: National Semiconductor Application Notes first published05-Oct-1998

BMW Motorcycle Side Stand Protection Mod:

BMW R Series Motorcycle Regulator Schematic:

Breath Alcohol Tester: Controls the cars ignition system

Capacitor Discharge Ignition Circuit:

Car Battery Charger: quickly and easily charge most any lead acid battery, automatically turns charging off when ready

Car Burglar Alarm:

Car Clock: CaClo was designed and built to be used in an automobile. It uses pure discrete logic ICs (4000 series) and a4-digit LCD display with backlight, plus a few SMD ICs for the LCD driver.

Car indicator alarm:

Car Interval Wiper: CaWip was designed and built to be used in an automobile. Both the front and rear wipers can be controlled separately using six interval settings. Its a fairly old design, thats why theres no PIC microcontroller in sight! 

Car Locator (RF Based Receiver / Transmitter):

Car Message Display: CaMeD was designed and built to be used in an automobile. Its purpose is to display various symbols/messages to the car driver traveling behind you. It uses1024 LEDs to form a32 x32 matrix display. A total of12 symbols/messages can be displayed,4 of them being user-definable by using a visual basic utility tool connected to the rs232 port of a PC. 

Car NiCd Charger: This circuit provides up to20-Volt output from a regular13.2V automotive battery, to enable constant current charging of NiCd battery packs up to15 cells @1.2V (18V total).

Cigarette Lighter 9 Volt Adapter:

Combination Lock for Car Liftgate:

Dome Light Dimmer for Cars : Usually when the car door is closed, the dome light just goes OFF. With this circuit, you can have our dome light fade slowly in brightness and finally go OFF.

Dome Light Dimmer using Mic4680 Switching Regulator: simple circuit which outputs +5-Volt

Dome Light Dwell Extender / Dimmer : allows you to dim your dome light and keeps the dome light of your automobile on after you close the door

Engine Control unit Schematics:

FCD (Fuel Cut Defencer):

Flashing High Intensity LED 3rd Brake Light: This circuit to make a flashing3rd brake light assembly was designed to be easy to locate all the needed components and reasonably in expensive to build.

Fuel Injector Pulse Width Monitor:

Grand Cherokee Off Highway Lights:

Headlight On Reminder With Light:

Headlight Reminder:

Integrate Fuel Pump Wire Security Cut Off With a Turbo Timer:

Interface Between GM's 5 Volt 8192 Baud ALDL Data Stream and a PC Serial Port:

LED Headlamps : This article includes circuits of DC-DC LED drivers (click PICs for bigger ones) step downs to run LEDs on less than Battery Volts, Boost for above.

Lighting Third Brake Light:

Motorcycle turn Signal System:

Oxygen Sensors: When they go bad your automobile runs poorly, learn about them and build a substitute for diagnostics or off-road use.

Park Aid: 3-LEDs signal bumper-barrier distance Infrared operation, indoor use

Parking Sonar:

PC Based EFI Programmer:

Portable CD Player Adapter for Car:

oad Ice Alarm:


Safety Indicator Lights: SILs was designed and built for a colleague at work. He needed a device to control the indicator lights on his motorcycle. The idea was to turn all lamps on during driving, but switch over to normal operation when the indicator was needed. He wanted this device because his motorcycle was fairly broad and was worried that passing cars wouldnt notice, especially in the dark! 

Simple Car Battery Charger:

Simple Car Preamplifier and Artificial Earth:

Solar Car Array Controller Schematic:

Solar Car Battery Monitor Schematic:

Solar Car Brake Controller Schematic:

Solar Car Display Controller Schematic:

Solar Car Electrical Design and Circuit index:

Solar Car Main Controller Schematic:

Third Brake Light Pulser:

Timer Car Interval Wiper:

Turn Signal Alarm:

Ultrasonic Parking Sonar:

Wide Band Fuel Mixture Display:

Windshield Wiper Delay:

Wiper Speed Controller:

Wireless Auto Tachometer:

WWV Converter for the Car:

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