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List of Schematics - Band-pass Active Filters

For some RFID systems operating at 125KHz, a very low distortion signal source reference is needed.  The circuit shown on this page produces a 10-volt peak-to-peak signal into a 50-ohm load, with a distortion of only 0.01%. 

24db / Octave Linkwitz Riley : The type of filter (Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley ect.) indicates the shape and roll off of the filter. The more common Butterworth has its cut off frequency at the -3db point. This point is .7071 the amplitude of the pass band. The Linkwitz-Riley has its cut off frequency at the -6db point.
29.85 MHZ Bandpass Filter Schematic:
Active 2nd Order Filters:
Active Bandpass Filters:
Bandpass Filter (Single OpAmp) : A band pass filter passes a range of frequencies while rejecting frequencies outside the upper and lower limits of the passband. The range of frequencies to be passed is called the passband and extends from a point below the center frequency to a point above the center frequency where the output voltage falls about 70% of the output voltage at the center frequency.
Bandpass Filters:
Bandpass Filters:
Basic Introduction to Filters : Application notes on active, passive and switched capacitor filters, document in PDF format
Biquad Active Bandpass Filter Schematic:
Chebyshe Volt / Butterworth Filters:
Chebyshe Volt Bandpass Filter:
DPPs program key parameters of bandpass filter: EDN - Design Ideas /  The three-amplifier implementation of the state-variable filter in Figure 1 provides for second-order bandpass, highpass, and lowpass responses. The strength of the circuit, however, is in the bandpass response (VOUT/VIN), in which it's easy to achieve high gain (G) and high Q. These two characteristics are important in applications in which selectivity is a key parameter in the filter..
HighQ Bandpass Filter Is Well Suited To CurrentMode Signal Processing : Electronic Design - Ideas for Design / Analog signal processing has conventionally been viewed as a voltage-dominated form of design. But voltage-mode processing can restrict the system's dynamic range. There is also a limitation on the input range of signals for linear operation. An...  
Inversal Notch and Bandpass Filter:
L Band PHEMT LNfor GPS, Inmarsat Etc:
Multiple Feedback Bandpass Filter:
Multiple Feedback Bandpass Filter:
Narrow Band Audio Bandpass Filter:

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