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List of Schematics - Notch Active Filters

ELECTRIC FIELD DISTURBANCE MONITOR:This schematic is the power supply and front-end sections of the field monitor that is discussed in more detail at Electric Field Disturbance Monitor. The system can detect human and animal motion by the electric fields they disturb.
29.85 MHZ Notch Filter Schematic:
Adjustable 60Hz Filter: to filter out any HUM that may be picked up by a noisy power supply or long wire connection
Adjustable Audio Notch Filter:
Audio Notch Filter:
Basic Introduction to Filters: application notes on active, passive and switched capacitor filters, document in PDF format
Build an adjustable high frequency notch filter:  EDN-Design Ideas /  Although you can obtain universal, resistor-programmable switched-capacitor filters that are configurable as notch filters, most cannot operate at bandwidths higher than 100 kHz. Further, the typically 16
Closing the loop deepens notches:  EDN - Design Ideas /  Notch filters remove a single unwanted frequency from an input signal. They are also a vital component of pulse-shaping networks, such as time-averaging filters. You can tune a state-variable filter over a wide range by changing the time constants of its integrating amplifiers (references 1, 2, and 3). .
CW Filters:
Helical Resonator Notch Filter:
High Q Notch Filter: National Semiconductor Application Notes first published28-Jun-1996
Inversal Notch and Bandpass Filter:
Notch Filter is DC Accurate: EDN Design Ideas
Notch Filter uses only Lowpass Filters:  EDN Design Ideas
RC Notch Filter Twin T: The twin T notch filter can be used block an unwanted frequency or if placed around an op-amp as a bandpass filter. The notch frequency occurs where the capacitive reactance equals the resistance Xc=R and if the values are close, the attenuation can be very high and the notch frequency virtually eliminated.
Single Supply Sallen Key Notch Filter:

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