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Sensors / Detectors: Seismic Monitors, Geophones

Deer Repellent #1: seismic sensor 

Deer Repellent #2:  Here is a simple sensor, which can detect the seismic vibrations caused by a person or large animal walking nearby. A representative application for the sensor is a deer repellent for the vegetable garden. When a deer steps near the sensor a loud buzzer or beeper sounds for a few seconds startling the would-be vegetable thief away. 

Feedback Circuit:

Filter Circuit for the Earthworm Seismic Data Acquisition System:

Low Cost Feedback Circuit Boosts Efficiency: 01/21/99 EDN-Design Ideas  / PDF contains multiple circuits - scroll to find this circuit

Low Cost Seismometer:

Optoelectronic Horizontal VBB Seismometer (Figures):

Seismic Detector: The piezoelectric element of a kitchen gas lighter is used in this simple, yet effective seismic detector.

ShacklefordGundersen Seismometer Sensor Electronics:

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