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Medical Electronics / Biomedical Circuits

ECG Amplifier #1:

ECG Amplifier #2:

ECG Project Page:

EEG Preamp, Anti Alias Filter and isolation Circuit:

EKG/EEG Circuit:

Electronic Auto Stethoscope:

Electronic stethoscope:

Electronic Stethoscope:

ESP SIM (Sound Impairment Monitor):

Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) Schematic:

Heart Rate Monitor:

Heartbeat Monitor:

Heartbeat Transducer:

Inexpensive XRay Machine #1:

Inexpensive XRay Machine #2:

Lie Detector:

Lie Detector:

Muscular Bio Stimulator: Particularly suitable for cellulites treatment3V battery supply, portable set

Pain Field Generator:

PC Based Biofeedback Monitor:

PC Thermometer:


Radiation Dosage Rate Meter:

Radiation Dosage Rate Meter: Accurately measure and display RADS/MIN with this circuit and a V meter!

Respiration System:

Self Contained Electromyograph (EMG):

Simple Lie Detector:

Simple Lie Detector:

Sleeping Aid : Based on electromagnetic-field radiation Place it under the pillow-Built-in Timer

Snore Alarm Electronic Device:

Tan Timer: Six Timing positions suited to different skin types Timing affected by sunlight intensity

Vital Signs Monitor Consumes Less than 50 A: 02/02/98 EDN-Design Ideas

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