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Micro Power Circuits

Fleapower flasher draws less than 50 A: 01/23/03  EDN-Design Ideas / Some applications require a circuit to indicate that a battery's voltage has fallen below a certain value. However, if you don't frequently check the indicator, the low-battery indicator itself can easily discharge the battery. The circuit in Figure 1 indicates when the battery voltage has dropped below a preset value...

FleaPower Oscillator Consumes only 1 A: 05/21/98 EDN-Design Ideas

Low battery indicator uses fleapower : 09/04/03  EDN-Design Ideas / It is always desirable to use a low-battery indicator that consumes as little power as possible. For a 9V, 450-mAhr alkaline battery, a 50-A low-battery indicator can by itself run the battery down in a little more than a year. Battery-powered devices that need to run continuously for a long time require battery indicators that consume minimal power....

Micropower AM band radio station:

MicroPower Pulse Width Modulator:

Motor controller uses fleapower : 09/25/03  EDN-Design Ideas / A simple, permanent-magnet dc motor is an essential element in a variety of products, such as toys, servo mechanisms, valve actuators, robots, and automotive electronics. In many of these applications, the motor must rotate in a given direction until the mechanism reaches the end of travel, at which point the motor must automatically stop...

Reset generator uses "fleapower": 06/27/2002  EDN - Design Ideas / When a processor-controlled device must operate reliably, designers often choose to periodically reset the processor rather than rely on a watchdog configuration. In low-power systems, this periodic-reset circuit can consume a large part of the system's current budget or may fail to operate at low voltages..

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