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Musical Circuits

8 Note Tune Player: Circuit plays 8 note tunes at any speed

Analog Music Zone Guitar Effects Schematics: guitar effects, compressors

Analog Synth Electronics Music D.I.Y..:

Audible Metronome:

Bias Circuits:

Birdie Doorbell Ringer:

Book PC MP3 Player: A small computer running Linux with 12 volt power supply and wired remote control makes a great sound system for a car.

Cat SRM I:

Color Organ #3: makes3 lights to blink and flash to music

Digitally Controlled Phase Shift: Altering the phase response of a signal without changing its amplitude characteristics is commonly performed using an all pass filter. This circuit implementation is well suited to using digital potentiometers as the controlling element.

Electronic Canary:

Electronic Fish Lure:

Electronic Metronome:

Electronic Whistle:

Fender Champ Replica:

Fender Preamp With Horizontal Tube Mounting:

Guitar Amp Circuit:

Guitar Reverb Circuit:

Improving a Guitar: information on rewiring an electric guitar

Infrared Theremin Musical Instrument:

Keyboard Scanned 8 tone Generator:

Laser harp:

Music On Hold for Telephones:

Musical ‘Touch’ Bell:

Musical Tone Generator:

One Transistor Theremin:

Phone "Hold" With Music:

Polyphonic Piano:

Spring Reverb unit:

Tone Display System: This device gives visual feedback of which note you're playing, so you can set up the note before bringing up the volume to sound it. It features a 40-LED display, for over three octaves of range at any given time. Furthermore, a three-position switch extends the range by two octaves, for a total usable range of over five octaves.

Transistor Organ:

Various tube Crossover Circuits:

Voltage Controlled Panner Circuit:

VOX AC30 Guitar Amplifier Simulator:

Yet Another Mobile MP3 Player: This is an earlier player using a conventional PC motherboard, so the power supply I designed is quite compatible.

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