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Model Airplane Circuits

Downed Model Locator

Downed Model Locator II

Launch Controller for multiple rockets

Model rocket launch Controller:

Model Rocket With Video Camera:

Multi Launcher for Model Rockets

Multi Rocket Launcher:

One ounce rocket ejection timer

Pad launch Controller for model rockets

Phase Shift Radio Direction Finder

PIC Based rocket altimeter

Plane Locator Beeper

Plane Locator Beeper #2:  Here is another device to help you locate your downed R/C sailplane in the bushes and weeds.  Similar to the other design, this circuit plugs into a spare servo socket on your receiver, and it is a pulse omission detector.  The alarm sounds when pulses originating from your transmitter are no longer being received--turn off your transmitter to turn on the alarm and help you find your plane.  This circuit is simpler than the other design, is much easier to build, but is not quite as specific.  While the other design tests for a specific frequency of pulses, this design is less picky, and may not work quite as well in areas with more radio frequency background noise.

Precision Digital Altimeter:  The current concept incorporates a wireless transmitter and receiver and is thought to be used for remote controlled airplanes or appliances with two separate parts. In other words, we have one dedicated transmitter (acquisition, filtering) and one dedicated receiver part (user-interface, look-up table, calibration, storage), capable of being connected together with any physical layer, e.g. wired, wireless, infrared. If you want to build a standalone altimeter/variometer just for hiking or mountaineering, this setup can obviously be simplified by omitting the wireless components..

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