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Pierce Oscillator Circuits : Oscillators

Clock Reference Guidelines of ICS Clock Generator:  Integrated Circuit Systems Clock Generation Application Note AN04
Components of a simple bandpass filter
Crystal Considerations with Dallas Real-Time Clocks (RTCs):  Maxim Application Note #58
Crystal Oscillator:  Chrontel Application Note-06
Crystal Oscillator:  Pericom Semiconductor Application Note # 083
CX Minature Crystals Circuits:  Euro QuartzCX-6V-SM
CX-1SM Crystal 530kHz to2.1MHz:  Statek Application Notes
Design Guidelines for QuartzCrystal Oscillators:  Statek Technical Note 30
EP93xx RTC Oscillator Circuit:  Cirrus Logic Application Note-265 Rev1
FET Circuits Applications:  National Semiconductor Application Note 32, February 1970
HCMOS Crystal Oscillator:  Fairchild Semiconductor Application Note 340, May 1983
Oscillator Terms & Application Notes:  ILSI AmericaAppendix G
Pierce Crystal Oscillator Design:  The Pierce oscillator ... is essentially a common emitter amplifier with a tuned circuit for a collector load and a quartz crystal as a feedback element. In order to determine whether the Barkhausen criteria is satisfied, loop gain must be determined at the frequency of oscillation. This is accomplished by drawing the AC equivalent circuit of the Pierce Oscillator.
Pierce-gate Oscillator Crystal load calculator:  RF Design - Design Tips, July 2004
Understanding Quartz Crystal:  M-Tron Engineering Notes
Use of the CMOS Unbuffered Inverter in Oscillator Circuit:  Texas Instrument Application ReportSZZA043 January 2004

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