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Comparator Circuits

Absolute value circuit delivers high bandwidth: 05/15/03  EDN-Design Ideas /  Most absolute-value circuits have limited bandwidth and high component count, and they require several matched resistors. The circuit in Figure 1 uses three fewer components than most absolute-value circuits require, and only two of the resistors must have 1% tolerance to obtain 1% accuracy. This circuit's output voltage is an accurate representation of the absolute value of the input signal,....

Applications of the LM392 Comparator OpAmp IC: National Semiconductor Application Notes,04-Nov-1995

Comparator Adds Current Limit to V2 Controller: 05/21/98 EDN-Design Ideas

Comparator Detects Failed Telecomm Supplies: 06/22/00 EDN-Design Ideas / PDF contains multiple circuits - scroll to find the one of interest / Detects when telecomm power supplys48V output drops below its nominal value, uses an isolated comparator to monitor two48V telecomm supplies (of either polarity) / PDF contains multiple circuits - scroll to find the one of interest

Comparator Improves Regulator's Efficiency: 04/28/94 EDN-Design Ideas

Comparator Provides Stable Hysteresis: 03/18/99 EDN-Design Ideas / PDF contains multiple circuits - scroll to find this circuit

Comparator uses Signal Dependent Hysteresis: 03/26/98 EDN-Design Ideas

Comparators Form 3 to 5 Volt or 5 to 3 Volt Translator / Tranceiver: 09/02/96 EDN-Design Ideas

Comparing the High Speed Comparators: National Semiconductor Application Notes,24-Jan-1999

Design an efficient reset circuit: 05/01/03  EDN-Design Ideas / When you work with microprocessors, you must ensure that when the power-supply voltage fluctuates to the minimum permissible level, VL, that the processor's ALU continues to operate normally. Also, when you switch on the power supply, the ALU must operate normally when the supply voltage equals or exceeds a certain high level, VH...

Design low duty cycle timer circuits: 08/22/2002  EDN - Design Ideas / Designing astable circuits using the industry-standard 555 timer is a straightforward process when duty cycles are 50% or greater. However, you must overcome the many pitfalls of low-duty-cycle circuits to arrive at a desired result. Using only ideal components eases the design, but the components themselves are hard to obtain..

Dual comparator thermally protects lithium ion battery : 09/18/03  EDN-Design Ideas / Most manufacturers recommend that you don't change lithium-ion batteries at temperatures lower than 0�C or higher than 50�C. You can monitor both thresholds by adding a thermistor and dual (window) comparator to a lithium-ion battery charger (Figure 1). Set the low-temperature trip point at 2....

Dual Comparator:  forms temperature-compensated proximity Detector

Dual Comparators Stabilize Proximity Detector: 02/16/98 EDN-Design Ideas

Electronic fuse emulates fast  or slow blow fuses: 11/09/00 EDN-Design Ideas / The electronic-fuse circuit in Figure 1 combines the properties of a current transducer and a solid-state relay to disconnect low power at preset levels. Using this circuit lets you avoid the bother of stocking and replacing fusible links. The circu...

Expanded scale indicator revisited: 08/08/2002  EDN - Design Ideas / The visualization aid that a previous Design Idea describes allows only the expansion of the upper end of the scale (Reference 1). But what can you do if, according to your project requirements, you need to expand the middle region of the scale? Figure 1a illustrates the challenge. A voltmeter comprises a 100-�A dc meter and a series resistor

Fast Voltage Comparators With Low Input Current: National Semiconductor Application Notes,28-Jun-1996

Filter allows comparison of noisy signals: 02/06/03  EDN-Design Ideas / When you need to compare the dc level of a noisy signal with a reference for further processing, the output of the comparator changes in a chaotic way when the dc level approaches that of the reference. You have a choice of two classic solutions to this problem: One is to add hysteresis to the comparator, but, if the noise level is high, the hysteresis must be correspondingly high...

Frequency Comparator Draws 8 �A: 03/03/97 EDN-Design Ideas

Frequency comparator has status output: 12/26/2002  EDN - Design Ideas / The original application for the circuit in Figure 1 was to check the number of revolutions of an engine with only one LED as an indicator. The measurement of the number of revolutions usually involves sensors with a frequency output proportional to the number of revolutions. The circuit compares the frequency output of such a sensor with a lower and upper limit and gives a visual result, usi.....

Frequency Window Comparator has hysteresis: 11/07/96 EDN-Design Ideas

High speed peak detector uses ECL comparator: 09/26/2002  EDN - Design Ideas / Professional electronics designers often use peak-detector circuit sin such applications as amplitude measurement, automatic gain control, and data regeneration. You can build a simple and fast peak detector from a serial diode and a shunt capacitor, but it suffers from serious inaccuracy that stems from the diode's forward-voltage drop..

Light Sensor With Hysteresis:

LM139 / LM239 / LM339 a Quad of Independently Functioning Comparators: National Semiconductor Application Notes,24-Jan-1999

Low Voltage Alarm: NE555 Low Voltage Battery Disconnect Circuit

Microvolt Comparator: National Semiconductor Application Notes,28-Jun-1996

Missing codes tester checks 16 bit ADC in 7 sec: 06/10/99 EDN-Design Ideas / As the resolution of ADCs increases from 12 to 16 bits and higher, the difficulty in testing the"no- missing-codes"specification grows proportionately. To fully guarantee no missing codes for a 16-bit ADC requires testing all 2 16-1 possible output...

Precision IC Comparator Runs From Plus 5 Volt Logic Supply: National Semiconductor Application Notes,04-Nov-1995

Quad Comparator Regulates Temperature: 10/26/95 EDN-Design Ideas

Reset supervisor waits for stable supply: 04/17/03  EDN-Design Ideas / The power-up cycle of the supply voltage in embedded-system applications is sometimes not a clean event. This fact holds especially true in battery-operated systems, because the insertion of a battery often causes significant ringing or glitching on the supply line (Figure 1). In products with on-off switches, the contact bounce of the switch can cause an unclean power-up....

Synchronized Window Comparator Eliminates Error: 05/11/95 EDN-Design Ideas

Two buttons provide safe start: 07/06/00 EDN-Design Ideas / The circuit in Figure 1 provides a safety interlock that checks the actuation of two pushbuttons before enabling a relay. When you push both buttons, the circuit actuates the relay. At that point, you can release one of the switches without the relay'...

Voltage Comparator Forms Pulse Demodulator: 11/19/98 EDN-Design Ideas

Voltage Comparator Switch:

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