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Oscillators:  Crystal

1 Second Time Base From Crystal Osc.:

50 to 150 MHz Overtone Oscillator:

CMOS oscillator:

Colpitts 1 to 20 MHz Crystal Oscillator:

Crystal 32.768KHz CMOS Oscillator:

Crystal Controlled Time Base Generator: Crystal Controlled Time-Base Generator

Crystal Oscillator overcomes typical Drawbacks: 08/17/98 EDN-Design Ideas 

Crystal oscillator:

Low Distortion Crystal Oscillator :

One Second Time Base From Crystal Osc.:

Study of the Crystal Oscillator for CMOS CoPS: National Semiconductor Application Notes,04 Nov1995 

Tiny Crystal Oscillator #1:

Tiny Crystal Oscillator #2: High-stability gate oscillator uses two, 5-pin SOT packaged devices 

Wide Swing Variable Crystal Oscillator:

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