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Camera, Accessories and Printers - CameraAndPhotoStore Cameras and Digital Cameras and Camera Accessories of All Brands.

Acquire And Control Linear CCD Sensors Using EPP Protocol:  03/20/00 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design / A linear CCD camera is an essential component in many engineering and consumer applications. Usually, designers must contend with expensive commercial cameras supported with complex interfaces that can't be easily adapted for a wide range of. . .

Automatic camera shutter releases
Camera remote Control system using Basic Stamp:
Delayed shutter Control for Kodak DC-20
Infrared remote Control shutter release system
Photo Flash at 1.5 volts :  This model is very simple and charges as long as you hold the pushbutton
Photo Flash Charger Minimizes Parts Count:  10/22/98 EDN-Design Ideas / [file contains multiple circuits - scroll to find this one]  
Photo timer circuit
R/C digital camera Controller
R/C helicopter camera

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