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Data Logging / Acquisition Circuits

1 Wire Barometer:

8 Bit Analog to Digital Converter (ADC):

Accelerometer Schematic:

AD Converter With Tracking / Samplehold:

ADC 0804LCN 8bit A/D Converter:

ADCx RS232 Interface Schematic:

Addressable ADC:

Air Flow Detector #1:

Air Flow Detector #2:

Analog input Section Based on AD9220:

Analog to Digital Converter With Switching Preamplifier:

Brain Wave Machine:

Centronics Port DA Converters & Lowpass Filter:

Clockless Analog to Digital Converter:

Differential Capacitance Measurement for Tilt Meter:

Digital Compass Schematic:

Digital PC Oscilloscope:

Digital thermometer:

Digital Water Wave/Tide/Level Meter (PIC16F876):

Experimental Laser Data Link:

Geiger Counter:

LCD Thermometer:

Lie Detector:

Lie Detector:

Logarithmic A/D Encoder:

Low Cost A/D Converter:

Low Flow Rate Thermal Flowmeter:

Low resolution BCD Analog to Digital Converter:


Network of RS485 temperature Sensors:

One Wire Barometer:

Pressure SensorBased Altimeter Circuit:

Self Made Data Logger :

Serial Port A/Dconverter:

Simple Flash A/D Converter:

Simple Lie Detector:

Strain gauge Sensor:

Temperature Data Logger:

Thermostat Node Schematic:

Ultrasonic Range & Imager:

Ultrasonic Range Finder Circuit:

uModem 4+4/8 Channel A/D Board:

Universal Flight Controllers / Data Logger:

Water Level Sensor:

Webbased thermometer Project:

Wireless Liquid Level Sensing for Restaurant Applications:

Wireless Weather Station:


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