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Converters: Digital to Analog (D / A) Circuits

2 DAC Circuit adds & subtracts: 009/01/98 EDN-Design Ideas 

Applying the New CMOS MicRO DACs: National Semiconductor Application Notes,09 Apr1996 

Cascode Circuit lessens DAC Degradation: 02/03/97  EDN-Design Ideas 

Centronics Port D / A Converters & Lowpass Filter:

Circuit Applications of Multiplying CMOS D to a Converters: National Semiconductor Application Notes,04 Nov1995

CMOS D / A Converters Match Most Microprocessors: National Semiconductor Application Notes,04 Nov1995

Control Applications of CMOS DACs:  National Semiconductor Application Notes,04-Nov-1995 

D / A Converter ASIC uses stochastic Logic: 10/24/96  EDN-Design Ideas

DAC & �P implement hardware window Generator: 03/31/94 EDN-Design Ideas 

Digital to Analog Centronics D / A & Filter:

Multiphase DAC modifies R 2R ladder: 01/18/96 EDN-Design Ideas 

New MicRO DAC Product Line for Microprocessor Systems: 11/09/00 EDN-Design Ideas  / PDF contains multiple circuits - scroll to find the one of interest 

Reduce Thermal Transients in R 2R ladders: 03/28/96 EDN-Design Ideas 

Technique Increases Low Cost DAC's Resolution: 04/09/98 EDN-Design Ideas 

Twin DAC's Produce True Bi-Polar Operation: 08/18/94 EDN-Design Ideas 

Two DAC Circuit adds & subtracts: 009/01/98 EDN-Design Ideas 

Zero Power A / D Converter uses Printer Port: 07/06/95 EDN-Design Ideas 

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