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Construct a Solar-Powered Varmint Zapper:  Nuts & Volts Magazine - Construction Project - October 1996
Electric Fence:  Several circuits included, scroll down to find this one.
MOSFET Current Mode Resonant Coil Driver:  The schematic was made long after the circuit was built and perfected. Sorry. That means I cannot guarantee that it is free of errors. However, the schematic was compared to the original as best as I could. ERRATTA: 1. The resistor network at pins 6 and 7 of the LM555 is incorrect. Instead of a fixed 200k and a 500k pot in parallel, it should be the 200k fixed in parallel with a 500k pot and the resulting two in series with a 1k fixed. Thus the 200k fixed established the maximum duty cycle, and the 1k pot establishes the minimum duty cycle. You could try eliminating the 1K, but you might damage the LM555.

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