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Hall Effect Circuits

GMR sensors manage batteries: 09/02/99 EDN-Design Ideas /  The past few decades have seen remarkable progress in magnetic-sensor technology. Early and current sensors exploit the Hall effect; more recent devices use an effect called giant magneto resistance (GMR). GMR sensors use semiconductor processing of materi...

Method offers fail safe variable reluctance sensors: 11/22/2001 EDN - Design Ideas / Variable-reluctance sensors are preferred for industrial and automotive environments, because they sustain mechanical vibration and operation to 300 C. In most applications, they sense a steel target that is part of a rotating assembly. Because the unprocessed signal amplitude is proportional to target speed, a sensor whose signal-processing circuitry is designed for high speed cease...

Monitor high side current without an external supply: 03/01/01 EDN-Design Ideas / Typical high-side current-sensing circuits require a dc source that is 2.5 to 13V greater than the V+ high-bus voltage ( Figure 1 ). Generating this supply is painful in many situations.…

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