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Infrared Circuits

555 Timer 40khz Infrared Oscillator:

555 timer 40khz IR Oscillator:

Build An Infrared Night Scope:

Cheap 40KHz Clock:

Computerized Infrared Remote: control your stereo, TV and VCR from Windows, includes schematic and software

Convert Hauppauge Infrared Remote Control to IRMAN: How to modify Hauppauge Infrared remote control receiver to work as IRMAN compatible remote control receiver. The text is in Finnish.

Day and Night Infrared Detection:

Decoding IR Remote Controls:

Digibox Interface:

Fire Stick infrared Remote Control:

General Purpose Infrared Receiver:

Implementing Infrared Object Detection:

Infra Red Remote Transponder:

Infra Red Switch:

Infrared / Ultrasonic Beacon:

Infrared Active Motion Detector: An ambient-light-ignoring infrared active motion detector

Infrared Alarm: This circuits consist of two parts, the first part will transmit a signal, and the second part will detect that signal and trigger a relay.To adjust the circuit, hold down S1 while pointing LED1 at the receiver. Adjust R6 until you hear the relay click. You can increase range by using a high output LED for LED1. Bright light will stop the receiver from responding to the transmitter.

Infrared Body Heat Detector:

Infrared Circuits for Remote Control:

Infrared Cordless Headphone:

Infrared Detector:

Infrared Detector: This circuit is a simple Infrared detector for testing Infrared remote controllers. The circuit is based on1-phototransistor which receives the Infrared beam. The NPN transistor works as an amplifier which feeds current to the led.

Infrared Gate Detector:

Infrared Gate for Door:

Infrared Head Phones: Using this low-cost project one can reproduce audio from TV without disturbing others. In place of a pair of wires, it uses invisible infrared light to transmit audio signals from TV to headphones. FAIR WARNING -- THIS SITE HAS ANNOYING POP UP ADS.

Infrared Laser Light Detector:

Infrared Level Detector: Useful for liquids level detection and proximity devices Up to50 cm. range, optional relay operation

Infrared Logic Probe:

Infrared Night Scope:

Infrared Receiver: (Amplitude Modulated IR)

Infrared Relay With Relay Output:

Infrared Remote Control #2: simple circuit which controls one relay output

Infrared Remote Control Extender:

Infrared Remote Control Repeater:

Infrared Remote Control Shutter Release System:

Infrared Remote Control Tester #1: measures the relative intensities of different Infrared light sources

Infrared Remote Control Tester:

Infrared Remote Home Control: Software Remocon Con for Windows98able to fire remote control signal through built in infrared port (IrDA) that is of notebook personal computer standard equipment

Infrared Remote Jammer:

Infrared Remote Transponder:

Infrared Repeater:

Infrared Switch:

Infrared to Light Converter: This circuit converts infrared light into sound. Modulated Infrared light, like that ROM remote controls, Infrared received by the phototransistor and is amplified by the LM386 IC.

Infrared Toy Car Motor Controller: enables on/off remote switching of battery operated toy cars.

Infrared Transmitter / Decoder:

Infrared Transmitter / Detector:

Infrared Transmitter and Receiver Schematic Diagrams:

Infrared Transmitter Circuit:

Infrared Transmitter for Audio: (Amplitude Modulated IR)

Infrared Transmitter for Locomotives:

IR Detector / Emitter:

IR Detector for Robotics:

IR Detector:

IR Detector:

IR Link:

IR Link: A basic Imfra Red Link for audio communication for distances upto 3 metres

IR Receiver (Amplitude Modulated IR):

IR Remote Control Extender Circuit (Mark 2):

IR Remote Control Extender Circuit (Mark 3):

IR Remote Control Extender:

IR Remote Control jammer:

IR Remote Control tester:

IR Remote Switch:

IR 'slotted Switch' Sensor:

IR Transmitter for Audio (Amplitude Modulated IR):

iRDto TTL Interface:

LCD + IR Circuit Schematic:

Linux Infrared Remote Control (LIRC):

Long Range Infrared Remote: by Boondog Automation, gives 8-20 ft of wireless control

Micro Based PIR to IR Remote Converter:

Minimizing SUN's Noise in IR Reception:

PC Infrared Remote Control #1:

PC IR Remote Control:

Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor:

Remote Control for Sony a /  Volt Equipment: PIC based remote controller for Infrared and wired Control-S bus

Remote Controlled a Volt Switch: Infrared Controlled AV Switch with S-Video, Composite Video, and Audio

Remote Controlled Lamp Dimmer: Here is a complete design project from Biltronix that allows you to use an off the shelf remote to control the brightness of the lights.

Serial Infrared Remote Controller: a simple, cheap device that can be connected to any serial port to control most components that have infrared remote controls, includes schematics for receiver and transmitter

Serial Port Controller infrared Transmitter (PIC16F628):

Simple infrared Remote Control:

Stable 40KHz Clock:

Stereo IR Audio Receiver:

Synthetic Inductor for Filters and Oscillators Is IR Controlled : 12/23/02 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design / Almost all semiconductor products are sensitive to light, but this feature has been especially optimized for photodetectors (photodiodes and phototransistors). These are employed to sense or measure radiant energy in all industrial, consumer, and...  

Telephone Call Meter using Calculator & COB: In this circuit, a simple calculator, in conjunction with a COB (chip-on-board) from an analogue quartz clock, is used to make a Telephone call meter. FAIR WARNING -- THIS SITE HAS ANNOYING POP UP ADS.

Temperature measurement scheme uses IR sensor and sigma delta ADC: 04/03/03  EDN-Design Ideas /  Many noncontact temperature-measurement systems use infrared sensors, such as thermopiles, which can detect small amounts of heat radiation. Biomedical thermometers that measure the temperature of an ear or a temple use noncontact temperature measurement, as do automotive-HVAC systems that adjust temperature zones based on the body temperature of passengers...

Temperature Measurement Scheme uses IR Sensor and Sigmadelta ADC: 04/03/03 EDN-Design Ideas / PDF contains multiple circuits - scroll to find this circuit

Universal Infrared Controller for a PC: This simple circuit allows you to record any Infrared remote control signal on your PC, and then play it back. This is particularly useful if you want to control appliances such as TVs, VCRs, CDs etc. from your computer. The device simply connects to the parallel port of your PC. You can also use this circuit to analyze the waveform from any Infrared remote control. This circuit was originally published in Electronics Australia, September1998

Very Stable 40khz Generator:

Wireless IR headphone Receiver:

Wireless IR headphone Transmitter:

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