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Instrumentation Amplifier Circuits

Composite Instrumentation Amp Extends CMRR Frequency Range 10 Times : 02/04/02 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design / Instrumentation amplifiers are the building blocks commonly used in industrial, medical, and military systems. The primary benefit of such a component is its ability to reject common-mode signals while amplifying a differential-input...  

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Frequency Counter:


Inductance Meter:

Instrumentation amp makes noninverting integrator: 09/19/2002  EDN - Design Ideas / Figure 1a shows the classic implementation of an integrator. The circuit has two properties that may be undesirable in same applications: It necessarily inverts, and it requires a split-supply or midsupply reference. Figure 1b shows an implementation of an integrator that uses an LT1789 instrumentation amplifier..

Instrumentation Amp Swings Rail to Rail: 03/03/94 EDN-Design Ideas / You can combine an instrumentation amplifier and an inexpensive CMOS op amp to get the better of two worlds: the precision of a bipolar instrumentation amp and the5V single-supply operation of the CMOS op amp. The characteristics of such a circuit depend first on the instrumentation amp you use. The INA131 delivers50-�V max voltage offset,0.25-�V/�C max offset drift, and100-dB min common-mode rejection. Next, how close the output swings to the power supplys rail depends on which rail-to-rail op amp you use. A Texas Instruments TL2272, for example, swings outputs to within100 mV of the rails.  

Instrumentation Amplifier : National Semiconductor Application Notes,28-Jun-1996

Instrumentation Amplifier has 290 MHz Gain Bandwidth Product : 05/12/94 EDN-Design Ideas / very high frequency instrumentation amplifier based on video-difference amplifier

Instrumentation Amplifiers : National Semiconductor Application Notes,28-Jun-1996

Isolated, 12bit, 8 Channel, a / D Converter With PC Interface & 0.1% Accuracy:

OpAmp Doubles As Instrumentation Amp: 09/15/94 EDN-Design Ideas


Simple PH Meter:

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