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Microcontroller Intermediate Kit - C Programmers Guide to Building Hardware - Part 1

What's Needed

To get everything you need for these projects in C, get the Microcontroller Beginner Kit, the ADT87 adapter, and the 8951Kit. The software CD that comes with the MB Kit includes an evaluation version of the Keil C compiler for 8051s. We will use this evaluation Keil software in our examples. (Yes that is only $181.50 for all the hardware and all the software including the professional quality PG302 device programmer!)

The C compiler

Start by installing the Keil software. Look for keil.exe in the Tools -> C compilers folder on the CD.

New Project

Next close the default project that opens up in the compiler by clicking on Project -> Close Project

Then start a new project by clicking on Project -> New Project. Call it blink1. (You can create a new folder for the project if you would like to keep the new files together in their own folder.)

Select target microcontroller by clicking on Atmel and AT89C51. Click Ok and then click No when it asks you if you would like to copy the startup code.

Click on the little button just to the left of where it says Target 1 in the third row of the toolbar at the top of the screen. (They could make this a little easier to find.) This should bring up a window that says Options for Target 'Target 1'.

Click on the Output Tab.

Click the box beside Create Hex File so that it has a checkmark. Then click Ok to save the settings.

The C Program

Click the small + sign beside Target 1 in the Project Workspace window on the left. Add the first example program to the project by right clicking on Source Group 1 -> Add Files To Group. Find ledtest.c.

Compile and Build the Hex File

Click on Project ->Rebuild all target files

This should create a file called blink1.hex in the project folder.

Downloading the Hex File

Put the ADT87 adapter on the PG302 as shown below and push down the green handle to hold the adapter in place.


Connect the serial cable and the power supply  to the PG302 programmer. 

Put the 89C51 into the ADT87 adapter and close the handle as shown in the picture above.

If you have not installed the PG302 software you need to do that now.

Start the PG302 software. 

From the Setup Menu, select the Atmel 89C51. 

From the Setup Menu, select the Comm port you are using. 


Press BROWSE. 

Find blink1.hex and click on it (single click). 

Press OK to select the file. 

Press OK to program the file into the microcontroller. 

The status bar should say 'Device Equals File'.  The program is now loaded into the microcontroller. 

The Hardware

We will start with the basic setup as shown below.

Make sure you connect pin 40 to 5 Volts and pin 20 to ground.

Make sure the power is off for the circuit when inserting or removing the 89C51. 

Turn on the power to the circuit. If the LED starts blinking, then it is time to celebrate!


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